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Ideal Student-Teacher Relationship in Music

The Ideal Student-Teacher Relationship in Music

The music teacher is more than just a private instructor.   She is a role model and personal mentor for her students.   Her pupils place absolute trust in what she says.   In many cases, her advice matters more than anyone else’s in her student’s lives, except for their parents.   This gives the music teacher tremendous power.   If not careful, the teacher can use this influence to unwittingly crush her student’s dreams.   As a private teacher and a parent, I take personal interest in preventing such … Continue Reading

When to Drop a Music Student

Quiz: Should I Drop This Student?

Just because a student has potential doesn’t mean you should keep teaching her.   Your methods may not be well-suited to her needs.   Continuing with an uncooperative student isn’t worth the time or money for either of you.   In fact, it can quickly … Continue Reading

Is This Teacher Right for Me

Quiz: Is This Music Teacher Right for Me?

How do you know if your current music teacher is the best fit for your needs?   How “good”other people think your teacher is has nothing to do with whether or not the teacher is a good fit for you.   Every student has unique … Continue Reading

Treasure Negative Feedback

Treasure Negative Remarks and Feedback

The critique that hurts actually helps the most. Open rebuke is better than secret love (Proverbs 27:5). A few years ago, a good friend of mine related to me what had happened to him during an audition for a prestigious company. After singing his songs, … Continue Reading