New: Musical Instrument Gallery!

by   |  September 18, 2013

Musical Instrument Gallery

Explore modern musical instruments in My Dream Teacher’s online Gallery!

To help kids learn about musical instruments, My Dream Teacher just opened its very own online Gallery.   This exciting virtual showroom gives quick information about all kinds of modern musical instruments—how they work, what instrument family they belong to, and how to properly care for each one.
Kids can explore as they read and watch videos about all kinds of musical instruments.   Videos showcase the beauty and majesty of each instrument.   Kids can increase their knowledge of what the instruments sound like and what role they play in orchestras.
The Musical Instrument Gallery will start by featuring each instrument in its most modern and conventionally-accepted form.   What this means is that many instruments have been modified over the centuries, and many different versions are still be used all over the world.   However, professional orchestras tend to favor the most modern and conventionally-accepted forms of each instrument, and these are the ones that My Dream Teacher will explore first.   New features will be added all the time, so make sure you stop back frequently!
Check out the first incredible instrument to be featured in our online gallery: the piano.

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Having achieved so many of her own dreams, Mimi West has devoted her career to paying it forward to the rising generation of musicians. You can follow her on Twitter @mydreamteacher.
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