Teaching Music: Advice for Work at Home Parents

by   |  May 3, 2012
Work at Home Mom

Music teachers who are work at home parents have a unique set of challenges.

Teaching music lessons is a viable career choice for work at home parents.   Many mothers, fathers, and legal guardians make the choice to work at home so they can remain in close contact with their children.
One of the biggest challenges of working from home is setting boundaries.   You need to have your children respect lesson time.   Let them know that you are always there for them, but they can’t interrupt music lessons unless there is a dire emergency.   (They should also understand what situations would count as dire emergencies.)
Older children are more capable of respecting your time while you’re teaching music.   Younger children, however, may require extra assistance.   Getting a babysitter or nanny may be necessary.
Since having my twins, I have been offering deals to my young students.   I give them a discount if their parents watch my kids while I’m teaching music lessons.   I find this to be a win-win situation; my students look forward to lessons, and their parents look forward to playing with my babies.
For more advice for stay at home moms and parents, read my guest post on Pocket Greens.

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