The Ideal Student-Teacher Relationship in Music

by   |  May 7, 2012
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What are the signs of the ideal relationship between the music student and the music teacher? How can parents detect these signs?

The music teacher is more than just a private instructor.   She is a role model and personal mentor for her students.   Her pupils place absolute trust in what she says.   In many cases, her advice matters more than anyone else’s in her student’s lives, except for their parents.
This gives the music teacher tremendous power.   If not careful, the teacher can use this influence to unwittingly crush her student’s dreams.
As a private teacher and a parent, I take personal interest in preventing such tragedies.   That is why I place so much emphasis on finding the right teacher-student relationship.   Every teacher is different, and her methods are helpful to some students and destructive to others.
Every relationship presents challenges.   There are no perfect relationships, though some are pretty close to ideal.   Almost every teacher-student relationship encounters bumps in the road.   However, you can sense when a relationship is becoming unhealthy.
Parents play a vital role in diagnosing the status of the student-teacher relationship.   In fact, the importance of parental involvement cannot be overstated.
How do parents know when it’s time to switch teachers?   How do teachers know when it’s time to drop a student?   If your intuition isn’t getting the answers you want, take one of our specialized quizzes:


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