The Best Places to Sell Your Used Instrument

by   |  June 1, 2012
Instruments to Sell

You will lose money if you sell your musical instrument at a yard sale. So where can you go to get the best possible value?

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your old musical instrument or to simply declutter, there are four rules you should follow to get the best deal possible:
Rule #1: Don’t sell your musical instrument at a yard sale!
The purpose of a yard sale is to get rid of your junk—lots of junk—not to make money.   Yard sale goers want to buy items as cheaply as possible, and they will haggle to get their way.   Aggressive buyers will even try to get your stuff for free!   For valuables such as musical instruments, yard sales attract the wrong kinds of prospective buyers.
Rule #2: Research prices.
You may have no clue at what price to sell your instrument.   Find out what the going rates are across the country.   Sift through websites where people are selling their used instruments.   Arm yourself with knowledge before deciding how you’re going to sell your own musical instrument.
Rule #3: Check with local stores that sell musical instruments.
For upgrading, the best place to go is a local shop that sells musical instruments.   Many such shops offer trade-in deals, in which you give them your old instrument for a credit toward a new one.   Visit several stores, asking for quotes on how much credit they’ll offer you for your instrument.
Rule #4: Advertise on local sites.
For simply getting rid of your instrument, many websites offer free listings.   Since instruments are expensive, musicians often search for deals on used instruments.   There are people searching for used instruments right now, and you have just the solution for many of them.

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