Organize Your Music Scores in 3 Simple Steps

by   |  June 6, 2012
Organize Your Music

Creating a system to organize your music is not as overwhelming as you think.

If you’re like most music students, your dilemma is how to organize your music.   Your desire to be organized may be very intense, but figuring out how to do it can be overwhelming.
Relax.   Creating a system is actually quite simple, and implementing it may take you a few hours or less.   Follow these simple rules:
1) Books go on bookshelves.   Set aside some real estate on your bookshelf for your music books and collections.   Group them together by category.   Keep method books together and in sequence.   Sort the remainder of your books by genre: classical, jazz, rock, pop, etc.   This is an excellent warm-up exercise for organizing your sheet music.
2) Make binders.   Take all the sheet music you use most frequently.   First group them into piles according to relevance.   Once you have your categories, take sheet protectors and put each group into a separate 3-ring binder.   For instance, I have one binder for musical theater songs, one binder full of jazz standards, and another binder for church music.
3) File the rest away.   Take the sheet music you don’t use as often and create a filing system.   This step is the most challenging, but it will serve you well for years to come.   I group my vocal scores in the front of my filing cabinets, followed by piano pieces, then violin pieces.   Within these instrument categories I separate my music by genre, language (for vocal music), and whether it’s a solo or ensemble piece.
What has helped you keep track of your music?

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