Classical Doesn’t Mean “Stuffy”!

How Pops Orchestras Keep Music Fun

by   |  June 13, 2012
Classical Music Isn't Always Serious

Far from stuffy, Pops Orchestras appeal to a vast audience as they showcase light classics.

For many people, classical music is the gold standard for serious artistry.   However, many non-musicians assume that all classical music is always serious.   On the contrary, classical music is much more versatile than that!   It is fun, humorous, witty, and even irreverent when it wants to be.


Pops orchestras keep the fun alive by playing lighter classics and popular songs.   Their performances elicit laughter and produce memories for the whole family.   There may be one or more in your state.   Some popular orchestras include:


  • Arizona has the Tucson Pops Orchestra
  • California has the Golden State Pops Orchestra in LA, the Pasadena Pops and San Francisco Pops
  • Florida has two: the Palm Beach and the Panama City Pops Orchestras
  • Massachusetts has the Boston Pops Orchestra
  • Minnesota has the Minneapolis Pops Orchestra
  • New York’s got the New York Pops Orchestra
  • North Carolina has the Carolina Pops Orchestra
  • Ohio has two: the Cincinnati and the Cleveland Pops Orchestras
  • Pennsylvania has the Philly Pops Orchestra


Additionally, some universities have their own pops orchestras, such as the:


  • Harvard Pops Orchestra in Massachusetts
  • University of Michigan Pops Orchestra
  • Davenport Pops Orchestra at Yale University in Connecticut


International pops orchestras include the:


  • De La Salle Pops Orchestra in the Phillipines
  • Twilite Orchestra in Indonesia
  • Queensland Pops Orchestra in Australia


Others include:


  • The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra in California
  • The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, which plays both serious and light classical music


It’s reassuring to know that one need not look outside the classical realm for a little light night music.

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