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by   |  June 21, 2012
Teenage Client

There are 4 important things to remember when dealing with teenage clients.

My Dream Teacher Founder shares insights on how to handle teenage customers.

My Dream Teacher Founder Mimi West was asked to share her experience dealing with teenage clients.   Just in time for summer sales, she gives her advice among the panel of business experts.
The article discusses four of the most important things to implement when dealing with teenage customers:
1) Treat Teens as Equals.   Give them the benefit of the doubt.   Many teens have paying jobs, just as adult customers do.   Don’t miss out of valuable opportunities to connect with younger clients.
2) Remain Empathetic.   Keep high-quality customer service as your goal and seek to make their experience a positive one.
3) R-E-S-P-E-C-T.   Drop your own tendencies to assume harsh judgements and teenagers will do the same with you.   Treat them like adults and they’ll rise to the occasion.
4) Keep Cool.   Even the toughest customers can become your most loyal followers if you refrain from blowing up in difficult situations.   Approach situations with honesty, integrity, and world-class customer service.   They payoffs are immense if you do so.
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