What Musicians Can Learn from Olympians

by   |  June 25, 2012
Olympic Swimmer

Serious musicians are the artistic equivalent of Olympians. As such, there are many lessons they can learn from these athletes.

One of the most challenging questions for parents of budding musicians is, “Do I force my kids to practice?”   Music making is not always fun, and children need encouragement from their parents in order to make significant progress.   But where do you draw the line?   Do you push your child to become a prodigy at the risk of burnout in her adult years?   How do you know when you’re being a “tiger” mom or dad?
Ileana Lochte shares her insights as the mother of Ryan Lochte, Olympic swimmer and 3 time Gold Medalist.   While very competitive, she found a way to balance intensity and love.
Ileana’s philosophy is to expect discipline—enforcing it when necessary—while giving her son enough space to keep the activity fun.   As Ryan says, if she had been too strict, it wouldn’t have been fun anymore.   Had he quit as a result, he never would have won 3 Gold Medals.
Parents: do you force your kids to practice?   How do you balance love with intensity?

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