How Can I Help My Child Succeed in Music?

by   |  July 12, 2012

Parents Help Their Kids Succeed in Music: John Tracy Interview Part I

Parents can help their kids succeed in music–no matter what.
My Dream Teacher is privileged to interview John Tracy, Founder and Owner of   Tampa Bay Music Academy in Florida.   In this video, John Tracy shares his insight on how parents can help their children succeed in music.   As an experienced performer and teacher of numerous instruments, he talks about how parents can help their children to succeed in music.

Many parents ask, “How can I help my child succeed in music?”   Most parents have no idea where to start or how they need to get involved in their children’s music studies.   Too many parents simply drop their kids off at lessons and expect progress to magically happen.   These same parents assume that their child’s success depends on the music teacher.
Sadly, many children become frustrated in their music studies, which leads them to quit.   To avoid this, John Tracy advises parents on how they can encourage their children’s success without pushing them too hard.
Other questions John Tracy answers in this video include:

  • When should I start my child on music lessons?
  • Will my child regret practicing too much?
  • Why is studying music important anyway?
  • What did your parents do, John?
  • When did you start studying music?

Parents will start to see real progress in their children’s music studies when they music a priority.   John Tracy and other successful musician had parents who included music studies as part of their children’s complete education.   When the study of music is non-negotiable, children will live up to their parents’ expectation of sticking with it.
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