Infuse Some Fun into Opera!

by   |  July 20, 2012

Innovative Ways to Upgrade to Opera 2.0

At My Dream Teacher, we’re constantly looking to other industries for inspiring ways to revamp the classical music world—especially opera.   While we love traditional opera, too few people in this world love it enough to make it a long-term sustainable industry.   So what’s wrong with a little experimentation to keep it from dying?
A recent trend in the running world has captivated my interest.   While running events such as 5K’s, 10K’s, and marathons are gaining popularity, so are a plethora of new and innovative races.
Some of these running events are designed to be more fun than traditional races.   In the Color Run, runners get chalk dust thrown at them at different checkpoints during the race.   Their tagline is “the happiest 5K on the planet”.   They also claim the event is “less about speed and more about enjoying a color crazy day with your friends and family.” 
For the more hard-core inclined, endurance races test more than just your running skills.   Wild Thing in the UK claims to be “the toughest obstacle course races on the planet,” featuring 5K’s, 10K’s with obstacle courses designed by the Royal Marines and the British Special Forces.   Tough Mudder is the US equivalent.   While advertisements are designed to appeal to men, plenty of women also hustle to enlist in these challenging events.
It’s not that traditional races are going away any time soon; they just aren’t for everybody.   By the same token, traditional opera is an acquired taste that few people have the patience to acquire.   Wouldn’t it be fun to start seeing more zany productions? I don’t know about throwing chalk dust at the audience, but having an interlude in which they turn on their cell phones and wave them in the air would be cool.
I’m still waiting for the Metropolitan Opera Company to hire an entertainment troop that ambushes unsuspecting bystanders throughout New York City with acrobatics and operatic fun.   If they won’t, maybe I will!

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Having achieved so many of her own dreams, Mimi West has devoted her career to paying it forward to the rising generation of musicians. You can follow her on Twitter @mydreamteacher.
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