What Most Music Students Overlook

by   |  July 23, 2012

 What Most Music Students Overlook: John Tracy Interview Part II

John Tracy, Founder and Owner of Tampa Bay Music Academyin Florida, gives his advice to music students as he describes the one point that is most often disregarded.   This video is the follow-up to Parents Help Their Kids Succeed in Music.

First and foremost, he emphasizes the importance of rhythm.   “A right note played at the wrong time is still a wrong note.”   Many students struggle to play rhythms correctly–and not just beginning music students!   Intermediate-level students likewise face this challenge.   Even more advanced students run into trouble if they haven’t made rhythm a priority early on in their music study.
As an experiment, I sometimes ask my students to learn the rhythms first before plunking out the melody of a new piece.   The results are always favorable, especially with students who struggle to play rhythms accurately.
In addition to emphasizing rhythm in this video, John Tracy shares a bit of his own history.   He explains how he started studying piano at the age of five and how he got involved with other instruments.   For serious music students who wonder how to make money as a musician, he also talks about how he landed his first job and how that led to him creating Tampa Bay Music Academy.

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