Exciting New Changes at My Dream Teacher

by   |  June 19, 2013
Exciting New Changes at My Dream Teacher

Now you can get even more out of your music studies through My Dream Teacher’s new blog and product line.

Dear Friends of My Dream Teacher,
We are pleased to unveil the new and improved My Dream Teacher website!   We’re still the same company, but we’ve decided to make your life even sweeter.


What’s New at My Dream Teacher

1)           Focus on Building the Dream Team.  Since our first launch in 2011, we’ve dedicated our energy to building the success team, which consists of the music student, the parents, and the music teachers.   In the past, we focused on creating new connections between music students and music teachers.   Now we have shifted our focus to strengthening existing relationships and building strong teams.   We’re excited to start seeing even better results than before.


2)           Better Blog.   Our site has housed excellent content for two years now.   The sad news was that our users weren’t always reading the articles that were most relevant to their needs and interests.   Our old blog didn’t showcase this content well enough.    Our hard-working product management team has improved our system to give you access to the topics that interest you most—and that’s the great news!


3)           A New Product Release.   2013 will forever be an historic year for our company because of the release of Music Master Plan.   This comprehensive music learning kit equips music students with the tools they need to succeed in music and start living their dreams.   It teaches you strategies to take the pain out of the music-learning process, too.   We sure wish there had been a resource like this when we were kids!

4)           A High Value Offering.   Visitors can now request a free online course on the five keys to succeed as a musician.   This training series includes five videos and activities to help you start seeing better results from your music lessons.


These tune-ups will help you get even more out of what My Dream Teacher has to offer.   We invite you to take a look around and share this with your friends!

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Having achieved so many of her own dreams, Mimi West has devoted her career to paying it forward to the rising generation of musicians. You can follow her on Twitter @mydreamteacher.
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