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The Piano

The Glorious, Glamorous Piano – The piano is one of the most popular instruments—and for good reason. It provides a great foundation for building music skills. As such, it’s a great idea to play piano even if you play other instruments. The piano belongs to the keyboard family of instruments. However, some like to call it a stringed instrument, since it has strings inside. Others claim it’s actually a percussion instrument because the hammers hit the strings to make sound.

New: Musical Instrument Gallery!

To help kids learn about musical instruments, My Dream Teacher just opened its very own online Gallery. This exciting virtual showroom gives quick information about all kinds of modern musical instruments—how they work, what instrument family they belong to, and how to properly care for … Continue Reading

Exciting New Changes at My Dream Teacher

Exciting New Changes at My Dream Teacher

Dear Friends of My Dream Teacher,   We are pleased to unveil the new and improved My Dream Teacher website!   We’re still the same company, but we’ve decided to make your life even sweeter.   What’s New at My Dream Teacher 1)     … Continue Reading

From Organist To Surgeon

Better study up on organ anatomy.   The organist is dubbed organ doctor when the machine breaks down.   The organ is a huge, intimidating instrument.   What happens when it breaks?   Who do you call in to fix it?   The best technician … Continue Reading

4 Steps to Becoming a Concert Organist

For students interested in pursuing careers as concert organists, Felipe Dominguez, principal organist at the First Presbyterian Church in Annandale, VA, shares his professional advice.   Felipe Dominguez’s Top 4 Tips for Budding Organists Most concert organists have a church position as their main source … Continue Reading

Back to Opera Season

Opera season is upon us, and that means it’s prime time for opera fans to purchase season tickets.   When exactly does opera season start? The answer is simple: it depends on the venue.   Many opera houses throughout the world begin their seasons in … Continue Reading

How to Become a Board Certified Music Therapist

How to Become a Board Certified Music Therapist

The increasing demand for music therapists has outstripped the supply in the United States.   That spells “job security” for current music therapists, as well as many who are currently pursuing music therapy as a career.   How does one go about becoming a board … Continue Reading

Piccadilly Circus Panorama

A Peek at London’s Vibrant West End

  With all this media attention on London for the 2012 Olympic Games, it’s fitting to take a closer look at the music scene in London’s West End.   Located conveniently at the core of the city, the West End features some of the finest … Continue Reading

America Wants More Board Certified Music Therapists

The demand for board certified music therapists is growing at an alarming rate.   In fact, there aren’t enough music therapists to meet the present demand.   As the general population gains awareness of this fascinating field, more people are asking for private and group … Continue Reading

Business Advice for Music Teachers

Business, Teaching, and Life Advice for Music Teachers: John Tracy Interview Parts III & IV In the final two videos in this series, John Tracy–Founder and Owner of Tampa Bay Music Academy–advises music teachers to strengthen their networks and sharpen their skills.   These invaluable … Continue Reading

Organ Player

Why Organists Are Superhuman

Organists exhibit their amazing superpowers The organ is no instrument for the faint of heart.   This high-octane piece of machinery requires courage to operate and Jedi skills to master.   The operator must demonstrate the skills of an engineer and the sensitivity of an … Continue Reading

What Most Music Students Overlook

 What Most Music Students Overlook: John Tracy Interview Part II John Tracy, Founder and Owner of Tampa Bay Music Academyin Florida, gives his advice to music students as he describes the one point that is most often disregarded.   This video is the follow-up to … Continue Reading

Infuse Some Fun

Infuse Some Fun into Opera!

Innovative Ways to Upgrade to Opera 2.0 At My Dream Teacher, we’re constantly looking to other industries for inspiring ways to revamp the classical music world—especially opera.   While we love traditional opera, too few people in this world love it enough to make it … Continue Reading

Opera Singer Meme by Mimi West, Founder, My Dream Teacher

Memes 101 for Classical Musicians

Here’s a pop culture lesson for classical musicians: Memes 101 A “meme” is a social trend that gets perpetuated, usually by imitation.   In the past, mass media has been the most effective way of perpetuating memes.   These days, however, social media has sped … Continue Reading

How to Find Your Calling through Music

Sometimes while chasing our dreams, we actually wind up at a better destination. Nina Stone set out for the Big Apple with the intention of launching her musical theater career. What she didn’t expect was to fall in love with the life of a children’s … Continue Reading

How Can I Help My Child Succeed in Music?

Parents Help Their Kids Succeed in Music: John Tracy Interview Part I Parents can help their kids succeed in music–no matter what. My Dream Teacher is privileged to interview John Tracy, Founder and Owner of Tampa Bay Music Academy in Florida. In this video, John … Continue Reading

Paul McCartney and Bungie

Shattering Stereotypes with Sir Paul McCartney

  Sir Paul McCartney has had a lifetime of pushing the envelope in the music industry, from his Beatles days to his involvement with Wings and his successful solo career.   Yet his business savvy has extended his influence outside the music world.   On … Continue Reading

Stephen Tanner

How to Get on the Radio: The Classical 89 Interview

Classical 89 is the professional classical music radio station Brigham Young University produces. Since we moved to Utah, Classical 89 has become our family’s favorite radio station. Today My Dream Teacher presents this special interview with three individuals who have worked with this outstanding radio … Continue Reading

Turn Any Setback into Success

Sometimes a huge setback can fuel your greatest success.   After two surgeries on her hand, concert pianist Isabelle Jeannet was forced to put her performance career on hold.   During this time, she intensely studied hand movements of many great piano masters.   What … Continue Reading

Betty Jeanne Chipman

Remembering Betty Jeanne Chipman:

Music Teacher, Mentor and Friend

Music teachers have tremendous power to improve lives forever.  Today the classical music world honors the life of Betty Jeanne Chipman, a great music teacher who passed away Sunday in Salt Lake at the age of 93.  Many of her friends and former students have … Continue Reading

Man Swimming

What Musicians Can Learn from Olympians

One of the most challenging questions for parents of budding musicians is, “Do I force my kids to practice?”   Music making is not always fun, and children need encouragement from their parents in order to make significant progress.   But where do you draw … Continue Reading

Founder Mimi West Featured in Forbes

My Dream Teacher Founder shares insights on how to handle teenage customers. My Dream Teacher Founder Mimi West was asked to share her experience dealing with teenage clients.   Just in time for summer sales, she gives her advice among the panel of business experts. … Continue Reading

How to Change the World, The Brittany Bullen Way

Brittany Bullen, Composer of the musical Shelter An inspiring musical called Shelter is coming to New York this fall (2012). Loaded with emotional songs and a powerful message, the show was chosen among hundreds of entrants to be featured this July in the New York … Continue Reading

Classical Doesn't Mean "Stuffy"

Classical Doesn’t Mean “Stuffy”!

How Pops Orchestras Keep Music Fun

For many people, classical music is the gold standard for serious artistry.   However, many non-musicians assume that all classical music is always serious.   On the contrary, classical music is much more versatile than that!   It is fun, humorous, witty, and even irreverent … Continue Reading

Organize Your Music Scores

Organize Your Music Scores in 3 Simple Steps

Creating a system to organize your music is not as overwhelming as you think. If you’re like most music students, your dilemma is how to organize your music. Your desire to be organized may be very intense, but figuring out how to do it can … Continue Reading

Best Places to Sell Used Instruments

The Best Places to Sell Your Used Instrument

You will lose money if you sell your musical instrument at a yard sale. So where can you go to get the best possible value? Whether you’re looking to upgrade your old musical instrument or to simply declutter, there are four rules you should follow … Continue Reading

Think you own your sheet music? Not until you mark it up.

Think You Own Your Sheet Music? Think Again.

You may think you own your sheet music, but there’s only one way to tell. How much do you make it a part of yourself? Think about it. When you borrow music from a friend or a teacher, you’re often too afraid to touch it, … Continue Reading

Heritage Treatment Center Presents the Power of

Musical Theater

Some schools merely instruct, but Heritage inspires.   This weekend I took my family and some friends to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat by Heritage Center Stage.   It was charming, cute, and full of heart—but we didn’t just have a good time. … Continue Reading

7 Reasons Everyone Should Play Piano

7 Reasons Everyone Should Play Piano

I’m an advocate of having every musician play the piano.   This powerhouse instrument packs a powerful punch of benefits.   These are merely the top seven:   1)           It has more notes.   The piano keyboard represents every note … Continue Reading

Ideal Student-Teacher Relationship in Music

The Ideal Student-Teacher Relationship in Music

The music teacher is more than just a private instructor.   She is a role model and personal mentor for her students.   Her pupils place absolute trust in what she says.   In many cases, her advice matters more than anyone else’s in her … Continue Reading

Work at Home Mom

Teaching Music: Advice for Work at Home Parents

Teaching music lessons is a viable career choice for work at home parents.   Many mothers, fathers, and legal guardians make the choice to work at home so they can remain in close contact with their children.   One of the biggest challenges of working … Continue Reading

When to Drop a Music Student

Quiz: Should I Drop This Student?

Just because a student has potential doesn’t mean you should keep teaching her.   Your methods may not be well-suited to her needs.   Continuing with an uncooperative student isn’t worth the time or money for either of you.   In fact, it can quickly … Continue Reading

Tune a Violin

How to Tune a Violin

My Dream Teacher is proud to release its very first video: How to Tune a Violin for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Players.   This clever slideshow shows you how to tune your violin for the very first time in the simplest way possible.   As … Continue Reading

Famous Opera Singer

Stop Criticizing Famous Singers!

Okay, classical singers, it’s confession time.   We’ve all done it.   While watching a world-famous opera singer perform, we take joy in tearing her technique to shreds.   Though sometimes in jest, we usually express a sense of outrage.   How can she get … Continue Reading

How to Enjoy Opera

How to Enjoy an Opera

Opera going is not like movie going.   Most movie-goers want to know just enough about the plot to be interested in seeing the film.   They don’t want to know too much about how the story unfolds—or how it ends—because it spoils their fun. … Continue Reading

5 Benefits of Audio Learning

5 Benifits of Imitation and Audio Learning

How listening to recordings helps students develop musicality. While learning new pieces, most teachers encourage their students to listen to recordings.   Social media facilitates this, bringing videos and sound clips to millions of people who never would have accessed them otherwise.   Watching and … Continue Reading

The Mahler Effect

The Mahler Effect

A great dissertation idea for a daring music student.   I was so moved the first time I saw Gustav Mahler Conducts the Vienna Philharmonic at the Belvedere in Vienna, Austria.   It may not look extraordinary in a pixilated rendering, but its life-size original … Continue Reading

Is This Teacher Right for Me

Quiz: Is This Music Teacher Right for Me?

How do you know if your current music teacher is the best fit for your needs?   How “good”other people think your teacher is has nothing to do with whether or not the teacher is a good fit for you.   Every student has unique … Continue Reading

Make It Through a Sad Song

How to Sing a Sad Song without Crying

Singing a tragic tune is rough. Just one teardrop will muddle the clarity of the voice. Learn the tricks to get over the tears. When I began studying the role of Lily in The Secret Garden musical, I could not get through her songs without … Continue Reading

Treasure Negative Feedback

Treasure Negative Remarks and Feedback

The critique that hurts actually helps the most. Open rebuke is better than secret love (Proverbs 27:5). A few years ago, a good friend of mine related to me what had happened to him during an audition for a prestigious company. After singing his songs, … Continue Reading

Classical Concert Etiquette

7 Rules of Classical Concert Etiquette

Angry tweets and Facebook posts abound amongst my friends who attend classical concerts. Hardly a month goes by in which I don’t read somebody’s rant against a rude person talking or texting during the performance.   You might have read a few rants yourself. The … Continue Reading