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My Dream Teacher helps musicians live their dreams. We get music students, parents, and teachers working together to achieve the best results.

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Exciting New Changes at My Dream Teacher

Exciting New Changes at My Dream Teacher

Dear Friends of My Dream Teacher,   We are pleased to unveil the new and improved My Dream Teacher website!   We’re still the same company, but we’ve decided to make your life even sweeter.   What’s New at My Dream Teacher 1)           Focus on Building the Dream Team.  Since our first launch in 2011, we’ve dedicated our energy to building the success team, which consists of the music student, the parents, and the music teachers.   In the past, we focused on creating new … Continue Reading

How to Enjoy Opera

How to Enjoy an Opera

Opera going is not like movie going.   Most movie-goers want to know just enough about the plot to be interested in seeing the film.   They don’t want to know too much about how the story unfolds—or how it ends—because it spoils their fun. … Continue Reading

7 Reasons Everyone Should Play Piano

7 Reasons Everyone Should Play Piano

I’m an advocate of having every musician play the piano.   This powerhouse instrument packs a powerful punch of benefits.   These are merely the top seven:   1)           It has more notes.   The piano keyboard represents every note … Continue Reading

Ideal Student-Teacher Relationship in Music

The Ideal Student-Teacher Relationship in Music

The music teacher is more than just a private instructor.   She is a role model and personal mentor for her students.   Her pupils place absolute trust in what she says.   In many cases, her advice matters more than anyone else’s in her … Continue Reading

Classical Concert Etiquette

7 Rules of Classical Concert Etiquette

Angry tweets and Facebook posts abound amongst my friends who attend classical concerts. Hardly a month goes by in which I don’t read somebody’s rant against a rude person talking or texting during the performance.   You might have read a few rants yourself. The … Continue Reading

Treasure Negative Feedback

Treasure Negative Remarks and Feedback

The critique that hurts actually helps the most. Open rebuke is better than secret love (Proverbs 27:5). A few years ago, a good friend of mine related to me what had happened to him during an audition for a prestigious company. After singing his songs, … Continue Reading

Best Places to Sell Used Instruments

The Best Places to Sell Your Used Instrument

You will lose money if you sell your musical instrument at a yard sale. So where can you go to get the best possible value? Whether you’re looking to upgrade your old musical instrument or to simply declutter, there are four rules you should follow … Continue Reading