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4 Steps to Becoming a Concert Organist

For students interested in pursuing careers as concert organists, Felipe Dominguez, principal organist at the First Presbyterian Church in Annandale, VA, shares his professional advice.   Felipe Dominguez’s Top 4 Tips for Budding Organists Most concert organists have a church position as their main source of income, and play concerts on the side. If you want a career as a concert organist, you will have to consider a full-time position as a church organist. Your position also gives you credibility and prestige. It is quite different to be introduced just … Continue Reading

What Most Music Students Overlook

 What Most Music Students Overlook: John Tracy Interview Part II John Tracy, Founder and Owner of Tampa Bay Music Academyin Florida, gives his advice to music students as he describes the one point that is most often disregarded.   This video is the follow-up to … Continue Reading

Man Swimming

What Musicians Can Learn from Olympians

One of the most challenging questions for parents of budding musicians is, “Do I force my kids to practice?”   Music making is not always fun, and children need encouragement from their parents in order to make significant progress.   But where do you draw … Continue Reading

Organize Your Music Scores

Organize Your Music Scores in 3 Simple Steps

Creating a system to organize your music is not as overwhelming as you think. If you’re like most music students, your dilemma is how to organize your music. Your desire to be organized may be very intense, but figuring out how to do it can … Continue Reading

Think you own your sheet music? Not until you mark it up.

Think You Own Your Sheet Music? Think Again.

You may think you own your sheet music, but there’s only one way to tell. How much do you make it a part of yourself? Think about it. When you borrow music from a friend or a teacher, you’re often too afraid to touch it, … Continue Reading